It’s hard to put in words what you will feel when you first arrive at Holbina.Truth be told, the contrast between the surrounding wilderness and the luxurious, bug-free resort can be quite overwhelming. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Holbina from the port in Dunavat. 45 minutes of exploring unique, intricate canals of the Danube Delta, each teaming with greatly varied wildlife. By the time you reach our resort, you’ll already feel relaxed, the busy city life well left behind.

And that’s just the beginning.


The Danube is Europe’s lifeline. Its journey from the springs of the Black Forest Mountains towards the Black Sea is a story in itself. As it finds its way through one country after the next, it picks up other streams, ever enriching its narrative course. Having crossed most of the old continent, its saga reaches a majestic end. Like the finest stories, the Danube holds the best for last. An epic story with a legendary ending: the Danube Delta. This is where we’re waiting for you, at Holbina, the Delta’s most luxurious fishing resort. But is the story really finished? We believe the legend continues with every fishing story. They say fishermen’s stories are always exaggerated. Well, our fishing domains are so vast, so populated and so well taken care of, that all of the stories at Holbina are true. Including yours. All that really matters is the fishing experience. But just in case you need a break from battling the monsters of the deep, or just spend some quality time with your loved ones, we’ve got tons of activities ready.