It’s hard to put in words what you will feel when you first arrive at Holbina.Truth be told, the contrast between the surrounding wilderness and the luxurious, bug-free resort can be quite overwhelming. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Holbina from the port in Dunavat. 45 minutes of exploring unique, intricate canals of the Danube Delta, each teaming with greatly varied wildlife. By the time you reach our resort, you’ll already feel relaxed, the busy city life well left behind.

And that’s just the beginning.


A true fisherman doesn’t need much. But just in case you do, we’re set to give you everything. hey say it’s always better to start a fishing day early before dawn. So a good night’s sleep is a must, because catching big fish is hard work. s you take your first look around your spacious apartment, the contrast between the sparkling white satin sheets and the noble wooden furnishing is only surpassed by the distinction between the pure wilderness of the delta and the comfortable luxury you will find in your hotel. And if you choose to take a break from battling with monsters of the deep, you can always watch your favorite fishing shows from around the world on your very own big screen, satellite TV.