It’s hard to put in words what you will feel when you first arrive at Holbina.Truth be told, the contrast between the surrounding wilderness and the luxurious, bug-free resort can be quite overwhelming. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Holbina from the port in Dunavat. 45 minutes of exploring unique, intricate canals of the Danube Delta, each teaming with greatly varied wildlife. By the time you reach our resort, you’ll already feel relaxed, the busy city life well left behind.

And that’s just the beginning.


They a say a real fisherman always eats his day’s catch. At Holbina, we believe in true sports fishing and practice “catch and release” religiously.  We support the local small businesses and the delicate ecosystem by purchasing all of our fish from local fishermen and we grow all of our vegetables within the Holbina facilities. That’s why you’ll be served fresh, authentic local dishes with a contemporary twist, cooked by our expert local chef, inspired by over 30 years of experience. And when the time will come to celebrate, and believe us, it will, we’ve got a fine wine selection waiting for years to be open.